Real estate investing is not on any high school elective list. An accredited degree in real-estate investing is not possible. A high school guidance counselor won’t recommend a career as a real estate investor. (If the guidance counselor was knowledgeable about real estate investing, they probably wouldn’t be a counselor!)

The U.S. public schools and education curriculum are a weak attempt to prepare students for “getting a job.” There is no course in “Making Money 101.” There is no class in “How To Become Financially Independent.” A class on “How to Succeed when Everyone Else Is Failing” was never taught by any teacher. In my 10 years of university education, I didn’t learn anything about becoming an entrepreneur or how to become wealthy. I became a multimillionaire only after I learned how to invest in real estate. I had to pay the full price for this education. These skills were acquired through trial-and error at the University of Hard Knocks.

Do not discount the price of education. There is no free lunch. This knowledge must be acquired outside of the classroom. Learning how to make money will cost you. You should not think that education is expensive.

Learning real estate investing does not have to be expensive. Yes, I’m aware that the 3-day seminars and Boot Camps for real estate investing are expensive. However, this is a small amount of money compared to the fees they will collect from you. This is the key point: All real estate investing seminars and infomercials target you as a candidate to receive “real estate investing coaching.” This is where you can expect to pay up to $25,000 per year and more than $50,000 per annum for “coaching.” You are often assigned to a “still wet behind your ears” kid to call you every week or month and hold your hand while they whisper in your ear the things common sense and persistent drive should have already told you. I don’t exaggerate the importance of real estate investing education, as I am an expert in it. Many of these so-called “gurus” I know personally. It’s something I have been doing for over 25 years. I believe that the fees are excessive because the market promoters have deep pockets.

My 25-year-old real estate investing career began in a time when real estate investing TV infomercials and seminars were rare. Mark Haroldsen, then, followed a new trend that was started by Nick Nickerson and Al Lowry by hosting occasional seminars on real estate investing across the country. The industry was further developed by Robert Allen. Robert Allen advocated real estate investing conventions across the U.S. Robert Allen discovered a market for expensive real estate investing packages that included information on cassette tapes and notebooks. In the years that followed, TV informationmercials, expensive seminars and outrageous coaching fees were commonplace. Today’s real estate investors who desire more than a guglu homes mls listings in Dullsville may conclude that they must “pay through the nose for” real estate investing knowledge.

These want-to-bees find that education in real estate investing can be obtained through hard work and diligent research.

One of the easiest skills to learn is real estate investing. It’s not something you are taught in school. One of the most lucrative careers on Earth is real estate investing. There are many houses that can be fixed up because families now live in homes instead of in caves. Real estate investment in property repair is the best way to improve America’s housing situation.

Entrepreneurial aspirants who find the real estate investment industry attractive often have a vision beyond a job. Online courses and books are an alternative to coaching and expensive seminars.