Sales appointment calls created using a proven process for cold calling scripts that will work for any product or service and in all market places.

When I ask sales people and appointment setters to start creating a new cold call script they all take the same first action, they all start writing what they will say. Well here’s a better way, a process that makes creating a new sales appointment script easy and straightforward.

In just a few steps you can have a new call that has a clear direction and objectives at all points in the call. There’s no waffle or redundant phrases, and because you select the words you will use it can be formal or friendly to suit your prospects and specific to your products or services.

Follow the sales training below and you will have a new and effective Introduction Stage for your sales appointment calls, and you’ll learn how to create the other stages of a call using the same effective process.

Step 1. The Stages of the Appointment Call

The first step is to identify all the stages that you want in your sales appointment call. This can vary slightly depending upon products and markets but here’s a good basic effective structure that I’ve used successfully for many years:

Sales Appointment Call Stages

Introduction: This is the start of the call where you tell the prospect who you are and why you are calling.

Qualifying Questions: In this stage you ask questions to see if the prospect qualifies as someone that you want to meet.

Gaining Agreement: The stage where you gain the prospect’s agreement to a meeting with you.

This is just the basic structure of stages of a sales appointment call. By starting with this structure of stages, rather than trying to create a cold call script starting with the words that you will use, you have direction and objectives at all times.

You know that your objective at the Introduction Stage is to move your prospect forward with you to the Qualifying Stage.

Once at the Qualifying Stage you know that your objective is to get to a position where you decide if you want to meet with the prospect and get into a position where you can gain their agreement to that meeting.

Now you have the overall basic sales appointment structure you can add the parts that make up each of the stages.

Step 2. The Parts of a Sales Appointment Introduction Stage

We now have direction and an objective for our Introduction Stage of the cold calling script.

What we want to add now are the parts that will make up the Introduction StageĀ sales call script that will move the prospect in the direction of the objective. Then we will have a framework that we can wrap the words around.

Here’s a basic framework that I use a starting point for creating sales appointment Introduction Stages.

The Introduction Stage

  • Introduce you.
  • Introduce your company and / or your product or service.
  • Associate a wide ranging potential benefit to your company or product.
  • Tell the prospect why you’re calling using a potential benefit that they could gain from listening to you.

There you have it, a nice brief Introduction that has two potential benefits to encourage the prospect to keep listening and move with you to the next stage. I also add a unique technique to the end of the Introduction Stage that works really effectively to move the prospect forward to the Qualifying Questions Stage, I’ll tell you how to do that later.